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Putting A Dewalt DW777 To Great Use

Saturday, September 10th, 2016 | wfdesign | Posts

Design is not always limited to planning, the creativity will almost always extend into the practicalities of implementing that design into the home. We’ve recently been working a lot in projects that involve a lot of wooden structures and laminate flooring. That means we need a quick way to slice up lengths of wood accurately, and the best way to do that is by using a mitre saw.

Our chosen tool is Dewalt’s DW777 chop saw which is priced at under £300, a steal for a power tool that’s effectively good enough for trade use – that is being put through its paces every day for hours on end. Learn more about our choice at Mitre Saw Zone or take a look at this video:

The huge benefit of using a power tool over cutting manually is speed, you wouldn’t work as a joiner with a hand saw, so don’t try to cut corners in builds of your designs either, as time is money and you’ll get tired quickly if you’re cutting over and over again. The relatively low price tag on the Dewalt DW777 means that you’ll find it pays for itself in saved time very quickly indeed. That’s one of the reasons that it sells so well on big sites like Amazon, as it’s far more durable than the lower priced models like the Evolutions, and not vastly more expensive.

These projects are almost the polar opposite of the Tuscan theme we’ve talked about previously, where you’re focusing more on textures and colours than physically building units or working on other woodworking projects.